Co-productions in the World of TV Series - Roundtable

One of our recurring panel discussions focuses on the current status, trends, and issues of the television market. This year, we discuss the current status of television programming in the Visegrad region: the broadcasting channel trends and progressions focusing on our main question: Are there any possibilities and platforms for potential TV series co-productions amongst the Visegrad countries, considering the “traditional” broadcasting channels as well as the various new streaming platforms.

Panel members:

  • Balázs Lengyel director (HU)
  • Pavla Janoušková Kubečková producer, Nutprodukce (CZ)
  • Ferenc Pusztai producer, Paprika Studios (HU)
  • Dariusz Jablonski producer, Apple Film Productions (PL)

The discussion will be streamed online in English without translation.